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Mixing stainless steel pressure barrel device combination

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In fact, the combination of mixing device is very simple. The combination of electric motor and stainless steel pressure bucket only requires sealing and rubber pipe arrangement. The electric mixing pressure bucket is completed. However, the pressure bucket is generally customized according to the liter, and there is no ready-made product, so is our company. If you have such a demand, you can contact our company! Complete installation and transmission.
  Installation of mixing pressure barrel
  Accessories: muffler, safety valve, ball valve * 2, barometer, pressure regulating valve, M8 air hole, M6 air hole, electric motor, etc.
  After all the parts are introduced, they can be assembled according to the manufacturer's requirements. First, install the electric motor. Because other parts are installed, it is easy to block the motor installation. There will be some troubles. It is not easy to tighten. Install the M8 air hole, and then install the pressure regulator. There is an arrow under the meter. The direction of the arrow is the direction of air inlet and air outlet. Do not install it in the opposite direction, so as to avoid that the air pressure cannot be delivered to the Pressure barrel, then install muffler and safety valve along the periphery, and M6 air hole is installed on the air pressure gauge, so as to complete the combined assembly of mixing device, which is very simple.
  The combination of electric mixing pressure bucket is also quite simple. According to the past demand, it can solve the core demand of more products. According to the past demand, we can find the appropriate dispensing effect from the core value. Our company can find better production products from the core and fundamentally solve the problem of glue transportation. For electric motors, our company adopts appropriate international standards. Many manufacturers will choose to sell them abroad for a very big reason.
  There are only these parts in the mixing device combination. The price is high. The proportion of labor, materials and labor is large. The production quantity of electric mixing pressure bucket is quite large. There are about 150 pressure buckets in a month. There is more demand for other ordinary pressure buckets. In fact, which kind of pressure bucket to use depends on your company's demand!