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Stirring effect of electric stirring stainless steel pressur

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  The stirring function of electric stirring stainless steel pressure barrel is very obvious. In fact, it is to avoid the deposition or solidification of glue, so as to achieve good glue transportation. According to its characteristics, we can understand whether this stainless steel pressure barrel is required by the manufacturer. In addition to electric stirring pressure barrel, there are many other types of pressure barrels produced by our company, whose functions are all Is different, as long as can solve the dispensing problem, are good devices.
  The function of electric mixing has been introduced before, which is used for mixing and improving the glue activity. For example, we use paint spraying and a 20 liter pressure bucket to store the paint. It is impossible to spray all the paint before the paint precipitates. If we use a small pressure bucket, it will take more than ten minutes to make it again, which is a waste of time. This requires the use of electric mixing The pressure barrel is gone.
  An electric motor is installed on the cover of the stainless steel pressure barrel to extend the shaft to the inside of the pressure barrel. There are also mixing leaves and two upper and lower parts on the shaft, which can fully mix the glue to avoid uneven mixing. However, attention shall be paid to the installation, which can not be reversed, and there is a rubber conveying pipe beside. The electric stirring function is also explained. If you have this demand or do not know something about it, you can add our wechat!
  There are two ways to glue out, one is side glue out and the other is bottom glue out. In order to solve the problem of glue dispensing, both ways are OK. According to your company's requirements, side glue out is also very convenient. The top glue out has a good effect, because the viscosity of glue is not very high. Similar paints can be top glue out to avoid air entering. The glue is a little sticky. The side glue out is very good Good way.
  The electric motor generally uses conventional motor with voltage of 220V, differential device and controllable speed. The speed can be adjusted according to the viscosity of glue. In fact, the mixing device does not need to be opened frequently. It only needs to be opened occasionally. It can be opened as soon as possible according to the settling time. If there is some settling of glue, it can be opened? It is generally recommended to use electric stirring pressure bucket.