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How to realize manual painting technology?

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Manual spray painting technology is realized by using pressure barrel of spray gun. Pressure barrel of spray gun is composed of manual spray gun and pressure barrel. Pressure barrel is used to store paint, and manual spray gun is used for spraying. It can be used for atomization spraying, fine and traceless, with first-class effect. Although it can not reach the top automatic spray painting technology, the price of pressure barrel of spray gun is low, and the spraying effect is good.
  How to install and use the pressure barrel of spray gun
  Loading: the paint can be stored by the pressure bucket device. The capacity can be customized. The pressure bucket can be customized according to the daily capacity of the manufacturer. Each specification can be customized, taking the requirements of the manufacturer as the core.
  Use: connect the air pressure pipe, transport the air pressure inside the pressure barrel, and push the paint to the manual spray gun. There is also a gas pipe in the spray gun, so the paint cannot be processed. Connect the pipe, and then paint can be painted. There are six modes of adjustment. At the rubber outlet, the paint spraying range and density can be adjusted.
  Do you have a preliminary understanding of how to install and use the spray gun pressure barrel? In fact, it's very simple to use. It's not as hard as you think. Your company only needs to consider whether the product is suitable for your company's needs. Other aspects are considered by our company, or what needs to be improved can also be told to me! Write out all the effects that can be used, so that we can know more about the effect.
  There are not many manual spraying methods, which are basically the spraying effect. If you need high-precision products, you can choose automation equipment. Because the core of automation technology is also based on the product accuracy requirements, the controllable range is more accurate, so high-precision painting is done by machines. For example: automobile painting, why the painting outside is not as good as the original factory? In addition to glue color matching, there is also uneven effect of artificial painting.