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Glue Valve
  • Zz-1050r hot melt adhesive precision screw valve

    Hot melt glue screw valve is a kind of glue dispensing valve that can be heated. In view of the high-precision dispensing demand that ordinary dispensing valve can not complete, this hot-melt glue screw valve can solve the requirements of glue heating

  • Super flow two component screw pump zz-700d

    With the improvement of industrial technology, there are more types of dispensing valves. Basically, the viscosity of glue for each gradient can be matched with a dispensing valve, and some are specially designed for two-component glue. In the past, t

  • High speed injection valve zz-05q

    If the paint on the watch case is painted, it is related to the glue dispensing valve, called high-speed spray valve, zz-o5q. It has good glue spraying technology and can achieve micro spray effect. It can fundamentally solve the accuracy and speed re

  • Red glue dispensing valve

    Red glue is a conventional type of glue, which is mainly used in circuit board dispensing. However, special dispensing valve is required due to the characteristics of glue. Our company has developed and manufactured a dispensing valve that meets the r