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Glue Valve
  • 8 small round port mixing pipes

    There are many types of mixing pipe, including static mixing pipe and dynamic mixing pipe, among which there are many classifications, Ma, MB, MC, GSM, Mr, MS, RS, square and circular. There are many types. Today, I will talk about a special mixing pi

  • High precision dispensing controller

    Function: digital technology is adopted to digitize all dispensing parameters, so as to facilitate manufacturers to observe parameter change curve, adjust dispensing control field and strengthen dispensing effect. The parameters set by the high-precis

  • Precision Piezoelectric injection valve

    Piezoelectric spray valve is generally the top type of dispensing valve. It uses the way of impact pin to dispense glue. It can eject glue in the way of spraying, so that glue can be ejected at a fast speed. There is no need to configure a needle at t

  • valve

    In fact, the dispensing valve industry belongs to the middle and late stage, and the dispensing technology alone has been relatively mature. Now it is carried out in the way of assembly line, which can solve the problem of slow manual operation. The a