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8 small round port mixing pipes

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 There are many types of mixing pipe, including static mixing pipe and dynamic mixing pipe, among which there are many classifications, Ma, MB, MC, GSM, Mr, MS, RS, square and circular. There are many types. Today, I will talk about a special mixing pipe, which is called 8-section small round mouth mixing pipe. It is mainly used for milky white T-type three-way interface and is suitable for 50ml branch and two-component glue.
    Model: inner diameter (mm), section number, outer diameter (mm), length (mm), feeding diameter capacity
    Zz-js-08 2.8 8 4.8 37 6.9 0.18
  The small round mouth mixing tube is an exclusive application accessory, which is also sold on Alibaba. If the manufacturer has such a demand, welcome to find our company or Alibaba Search china dispensing machine, and you can enter the shop to buy.