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Invasive species are a major factor in the decline of indigenous biodiversity around the world. They also have serious social and economic impacts.

Significant issues require significant responses. In the last 50 years New Zealand, which has been severely affected by invasive species, has gained an international reputation for effectively managing invasive animals and plants.

Landcare Research, New Zealand’s leading terrestrial research agency, has been influential in many of the country’s invasive species management programmes, undertaking strategic research, participating in field trials and providing advice and support as pest management regimes are developed and refined.

In 2008, it established Invasive Species International (ISI), a team of experienced professionals to provide or coordinate technical advice or research services that will help international organisations achieve their invasive species management goals.


Beaver dam, Patagonia
Beaver dam, Patagonia.
Starling eradication, Western Australia
Starling control, Western Australia.
Galapagos tortoise and feral goats, galapagos Islands.
Feral goats, Galapagos.